This is the homepage. This page is displayed if you access the website, by its name and don’t put it anything else, e.g. bgulino99.wordpress.com.

Making a page a homepage is a two step process.

  1. Go Into Pages from the main menu and add a new page. For the sake of documentation, call it Homepage. Make sure you publish it.
  2. Go to Themes -> Customize -> Homepage Settings and specify that you home page displays a static page. Specify that the page it will display is the page “Homepage”.

The area to the right of this text is called a sidebar. The sidebar is filled with widgets. Widgets are little computer programs that do things. The widgets in this sidebar include a search box, a list of recent posts, and an index into posts sorted by categories.

Some plug-ins are available in the form of widgets which extend the capabilities of a WordPress site.

You access widgets by going into Appearance -> Widgets on the menus.


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